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Leela and Lavender is a North Dakota based company, so honestly, we all knew it was just aĀ matter of time before we would find ourselves here.
So...drum roll please....WE WENT TO WE FEST!
With our flagship store being in Fargo, and the second location we ever opened being Detroit Lakes, we were no strangers to We Fest. For those of you who may not be from here and whoever may not have any idea what WeFest even is, let us explain.
We Fest is a three day country music festival held in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. This is a huge deal for anyone who loves country music. People come from all over the United States and Canada to camp out and enjoy the three days of camping and festival activities.
Although the ladies behind LL may be born and raised here, we knew of the festival but we all neverĀ actually went to We Fest before. We were all super excited to experience the festival first hand together, and bringĀ our style adventure somewhere its never before been!
Our weekend started bright and early that Thursday. As vendors, we knew we had a lot of set up and preparation ahead of us this day before festival goers were allowed in at 2pm. This included setting up our payment terminal, merchandising all our product, setting up our tent, and so much more.
Now, if theres one thing about all the LL ladies, it's that we know fashion. Not tents. Add on to this that we were dealing with super intense winds this day (and all weekend long!) Luckily, we found that setting up a tent could be a great team building exercise. We also discovered how friendly the other vendors were! The We Fest vendors were so helpful and accommodating, and were always willing to lend a hand whenever it was needed.
We are so Thankful for everyone who came out and supported us, and made the weekend a success! Despite the wind, rain, and everything in between, we loved every second of the fest!
Shop some of We Fests best sellers below, and catch us next year at the event!Ā 
Drop us a comment below on where you want to see Leela & Lavender pop up next!
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