QUIZ: Finding Your Dream Denim

We get it. Sometimes it feels impossible to find that PERFECT pair of denim. 
We hear it all the time but, worry not, we are here to help! Take the below quiz to find your new go-to denim blues!

How often do you find yourself in the market for new jeans?

A.)  Every Season! I want new and lots of different styles!
B.) Only when I need to.
C.) Whenever I can find a staple pair of vintage inspired denim, it's getting added to my cart!
D.) I like to invest in my closet and find jeans I know will last me a lifetime!

Who's your denim style icon?

A.) Selena Gomez

B.) Khloe Kardashian

C.) Hailey Bieber

D.) Jennifer Anniston


What's the most important feature in your denim?

A.) The rise, the higher the better!

B.) The wash, I love the variety!

C.) The Fit, I love a no gap waist!

D.) The rise, Im a lower/mid rise girl!


How would you describe your body type?

A.) My body fluctuates and changes! Stretchy denim is best for me!

B.) Pear shaped all the way!

C.) I have less curves, and am more of a rectangle body type!

D.) I often shop in petite sizing when available!



And you are...


Mostly A's: Mica Denim

If you answered mostly A's, let us introduce you to one of our newest brands, Mica! Offering a variety of styles that have a versatile fit, we love this brand that is sure to make you (and your wallet!) happy! 

Shop Mica Denim HERE

Mostly B's: Good American

Love Khloe Kardashian? So do we! We also love her denim from Good American! Perfect for hourglass figures, these jeans are great at flattering your body while staying trendy and comfortable all day long!

Shop Good American HERE


Mostly C's: AGOLDE

Love trendy, vintage inspired denim? You'll LOVE our styles from AGOLDE! We are obsessed with these styles, and we know you will be too! Get ready to meet your new closet staple denim.



Mostly D's: FRAME 

Last, but certainly not least, if you answered mostly D's, let us introduce you to FRAME. We know you'll love this brand that will last you through your everyday life for years to come! Classically chic with modern flares, these are your new must haves when it comes to denim!

Shop Frame HERE


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