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Meet the newest brand introduced to Leela & Lavender's Violet Rowe collection, Crescent! 





All of our pieces are carefully designed and curated in-house to emphasize the natural beauty of every woman. With minimal details and refined designs, our pieces are mindfully created to provide wardrobe options that are built to last.


Let our pieces become your reliable wardrobe staples for every occasion. Whether you’re grabbing coffee or heading out for the night, we offer a selection of clothing styles for any occasion. At Crescent, we keep things minimal and effortless without sacrificing style.


In our mission to provide beautiful and sustainable fashion finds, we continue to improve and learn more about the best practices within the fashion industry. We’re committed to making appropriate changes and adopting policies that will leave an impact as lasting as our styles are.


  • We believe everyone is entitled to a fair wage and access to a safe work environment. 
  • We cut small batches at a time to reduce textile wastes and keep our ecological footprint as minimal as our style.
  • We are always looking into options that will be even better for the environment. 


We understand the privilege of being able to work with women from diverse backgrounds that seek to inspire with creativity and unique designs. We wish to continue this support and further empower women in underserved communities. We want to provide opportunities as much as we want to provide quality women’s clothing. That’s why we’ve pledged to donate a portion of our proceeds to organizations that share these values that will have a positive impact on our communities. 


We believe in minimalist fashion with a minimal ecological footprint. We want to provide quality-made, mindfully crafted clothing at an affordable price point to be accessible to all.


With stunningly fashionable pieces with minimalist flair, we make shopping ethically easy.


Simply #WearCrescent.




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