Meet: Violet Rowe

Violet Rowe is a modern house of style: a collection of timeless, trendy treasures for your shopping experience. This sister store allows us to expand brand variety, style variety to offer you MORE!  And sisters have different styles ☺ Violet Rowe embodies an east coast, modern aesthetic of the moment point of view.  Sophisticated, innovative & versatile style for life’s experiences.  The perfect mix of : modern style mixed with timeless staples. Violet Rowe will house women’s fashion brands like HUDSON, Bella Doll, FRAME Denim, Le Specs, Bishop & Young, and many more!

Construction is happening NOW and Violet Rowe & Leela and Lavender Fargo but we are still open through it all! We are so excited for this new expansion of our family and cannot want for all of you to officially meet Violet Rowe coming summer 2021! To keep up on all of our updates and see what we have in store, follow us on Facebook and Instagram @shopvioletrowe – and hop over to our website to sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know when we launch!

               We know you’ll love Violet Rowe – we already do!


Leela & Lavender (and Violet Rowe)


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  • Mary Slater

    Hi my name is Mary and I recently visit The finishing touch exhibition in Glenelg. I loved it and I wanted to ask your advice.
    My Mum is 93 and had gone into care but in cleaning her house I now have a huge collection of nightwear, stockings, gloves etc. I have had a fashion parade with my granddaughters modeling, but it’s all hanging in my cupboards and I wanted some advice about preserving it .
    I would be grateful if I could have a chat to Violet.
    Regards Mary Slater

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