Leela and Lavender's 2020 In Review

Leela & Lavender ‘s 2020 in Review
               WOW – what a year! 2020 tested ALL of us and forced us to pivot from our daily routine and adapt to the new ways of the year in all aspects of our life. At Leela & Lavender, we have brainstormed like mad this year to continue to give the best experience to our customers while still being safe and mindful of the pandemic that occurred. Here’s a quick round up of our year featuring some of our fav memories:
At Leela and Lavender, we live to give and believe that EVERYONE can make a difference. Each of our Brick and Mortar locations hosted events throughout the year that gave our customers a chance to partner with Leela and Lavender and give back to their local communities. This year, we participated in Giving Hearts Day – giving back to local charities in Minnesota and North Dakota and spreading the LOVE! Leela and Lavender also partnered with the Landon’s Light Foundation – an organization that directly supports children battling a medical condition. Learn more at https://landonslight.org/ We also supported many other causes throughout the year! At Leela & Lavender, we live to give!




2020 continued to prove to be the year of change and as the year went on, we pivoted to offer awesome warehouse sales, curbside pickup, virtual styling and shopping options, plus private shopping appointments so we could continue to deliver happiness inside to you!






What a year 2020 was – one of our favorite outcomes of 2020 was the formation of “PANGIE” aka your favorite blonde and brunette duo sharing their love of all things Leela and Lavender style as well as life moments – you know, similar to Kelly and Ryan 😉 In 2021, the PANGIE movement will continue! Follow along with Leela and Lavender to keep up as they showcase all the trend and style moments 2021 offers! Grab a glass of wine ladies and tune in Wednesdays and Sundays at 7pm CST on Leela and Lavender Facebook and Instagram for the LIVE segments you do not want to miss!



Buying Leela and Lavender merchandise in 2020 looked really different as well. While the year started off with our usual trips to MAGIC and Project Woman; these events also had to pivot and operate under a new structure. Our owners and buyers, Jill and Laura, took to their computers and SHOPPED SHOPPED SHOPPED! There was no more touching and feeling or styling with our vendors, no more in person appointments, and like most of us in 2020, they had to pivot to a virtual option, but still continued to deliver happiness inside from the brands you love!
One of the newest accessory trends to emerge in 2020 was… (wait for it…) a MASK! Masks quickly became your go-to grab as you’re running out of the house – grab your keys, phone, purse, and a mask! These quickly became our newest outfit accessory. I mean, were we the only ones who picked a mask based on our outfit? Or did we pick the outfit based on the mask?



In 2020, we had to come up with some new ideas in order to continue to deliver Happiness Inside to our customers. We developed virtual options for shopping and styling, hosted virtual events in our communities, and came up with new ways to continue making memories with our customers at Leela and Lavender. It hasn’t been an easy ride for anyone but we are SO THANKFUL to be where we are at the end of 2020. We may be in need of a quick power nap and a glass of wine (or two); But feel AWESOME about where we are and about where 2021 will take us. Thanks for continuing your style adventure with us! We hope you are just as excited for 2021 as we are! Happy New Year from us to you!








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