Lavender Lemonade - Our Summer Drink of Choice!

As Summer approaches and the temperature heats up, you'll be able to find the Leela & Lavender girls relaxing outside on the weekends with a lavender lemonade in hand. We started exploring with signature drink options for our events since we first opened over five years ago, with lots of hits (and a few misses) we quickly found a favorite that's a perfect Summer go to that can easily be made into a non-boozy version as well! 
What You'll Need
- Monin Lavender Lemon Syrup
(We order ours online: Shop Here)
Country Time Lemonade
- Vodka (We measure with our hearts)
- Optional: Lavender/Lemon for garnish
You can certainly go for the homemade option of making your own lemonade, and even your own lavender syrup, however we go the easiest route possible when it comes to these things. After all, we specialize in fashion first and foremost, our culinary expertise (or lack there of) is somewhere down the list. 
That being said, we still guarantee you'll love this Summer drink and appreciate the ease that comes with it.
We make the lemonade as per the instructions on the container depending on how many people we are serving. We serve over ice and add the lavender syrup to taste! As always, the vodka is optional, but we do recommend it!
Let us know in the comments below if you've tried lavender lemonade!
Happy Summer! xx
Looking for more? Check out these other lavender lemonade recipes below that we are dying to try!

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