Introducing: Liverpool // Brand Spotlight


When Liverpool was founded we were all about designing and creating the perfect fitting jeans. The philosophy of fit, comfort and style is intrinsic in our brand. You’ve embraced our jeans as your favorites and we thank you!

We looked at what else… We envisioned a complete wardrobe solution, easy to wear components that enhance your personal style and elevate your life when you dress your “look.”


We’ve grown each season, beyond jeans-wear creating an entire world of Liverpool Los Angeles. Jackets, sweaters, tops and trousers along with our beloved denim are now components of our Collection.


Every garment is created with the same love, perfect fit and attention to detail, designed to fit every body type. So that when you dress in Liverpool you’ll instantly look and feel your best.

After all isn’t that what great clothes are all about? Self expression, creating your own unique style and showing up for life feeling confident.
That’s the ease of Liverpool Los Angeles.


Change is on the horizon and our eyes are open.
Issues that just aren’t working are being brought to light. Our relationship to others and our relationship to the planet among the most obvious.

If there was one bright spot as the world came to a standstill, it was witnessing the planet’s ability to heal itself when humans put a pause on their footprint. This awakening revelation is not to be taken lightly. We have seen the change, and we should not go back. We have just eleven years left to halt irreversible climate change.

Sustainability isn’t news, but it is right and it’s important.
We have a responsibility to create a new initiative for future generations, as we look at and shift the impact our industry has on our planet’s natural resources.
Change doesn’t come overnight. We could wait and plan for a revolution, but in the meantime we’ll start with an evolution.

"I think it is important not only as a clothing designer but as a global citizen, that we pay attention to the impact we make on the world. Our eco collection continues our efforts in producing low impact denim styles that have the perfect Liverpool “look” while causing very little effect on the planet. It’s your chance to ‘wear the world better’.” 
-Jill Perilman, Design Director.

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