Ignite Happiness: Leela & Lavender Leadership Meetings

This past week we invited the management teams from every store location to join together in Fargo for our first ever Leadership Meetings. It was the perfect time to gather together and join forces to brainstorm, applaud successes, identify opportunities and learn the ins and outs of Leela and Lavender! 

The overall "theme" of this two-day event was "Ignite Happiness" Our daily goal is to ignite happiness in every single person that we come into contact with - whether that be another team member or our amazing clients that walk through our doors every single day. A sense of passion, joy, and teamwork can go a long way in igniting the spark that creates happiness inside of each and every one of us, and within our stores! 

We worked with Dale Carnegie Training for some hands on workshops that truly helped us to realize our WHY, our HOW, and our WHAT - in other words - the foundation that Leela was built on! Diving in and realizing our strengths and opportunities as a team helps us to drive forward and to continue on this journey and this dream!

Teamwork makes the dream work - and it honestly could not be more in true! We have always said we are "one big family" and last week really showcased that! As our Director Angie always says "We are all better together!"

Our teams all left feeling super motivated, empowered, and inspired and ready to take on 2020 with confidence! Here are a few of their key takeaways from this retreat:

"The inspiration, the story, the journey, the networking, the future... loved talking about it all!" - Rhonda (Co-Manager of the Fargo store)

"I enjoyed understanding the "Why"...we do what we do!!! I loved meeting the whole team..it was AMAZING to meet "New Family." Thanks for the inspiration and investment. - Shannon (Store Manager of the Detroit Lakes store)

"It's a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together, and I feel so blessed to be a part of the Leela & Lavender team." - Vanessa (Store Manager of the Sioux Falls store)

"Two days with inspiring women and gaining momentum in 2020! - We are bringing Jill and Laura's vision of style adventure and passion for good to life in five locations: disrupting retail as you've known it! Unique, confident, and authentic!" - Elke (Store Manager of the Maple Grove location)

"Ignite Happiness was a very memorable time with all the Leela & Lavender teams! I am so grateful to get to work with such inspiring women each & every day! This was a great way to start 2020!" - Paige (Store Manager of the Fargo store)

Here's to 2020 Team Leela & Lavender! The journey is just beginning...


Leela & Lavender

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