Giving Hearts Day 2021

Giving Hearts Day at Leela and Lavender
At Leela and Lavender, we live to give. We believe that everyone can work to make a difference, however big or small! This week, Leela and Lavender participated in Giving Heart’s Day. We turned RED and helped raise money for some AMAZING local charities in our area. YOU – our amazing Leela and Lavender shoppers – came out and truly helped support these amazing causes. We chose three great local charities to give to: the Landon’s Light Foundation in Fargo, the Bismarck Soup Kitchen, and the Boys and Girls Club in Detroit Lakes. Together, with YOUR help, we raised $2,000 for Giving Hearts Day! How AMAZING is that! Here are some things our Leela and Lavender ladies had to say about this event:
"At Leela and Lavender we strive to do passion for good. Giving Hearts day is exactly that! We are able to give back to our community that supports us every day! This was my 2nd year being a part of Giving Hearts Day at Leela and Lavender and I am always so overwhelmed by the support of our amazing customers and so honored to be a part of such a giving business!"💜- Brenda Radloff, Co-Manager, Fargo

"Giving Hearts Day is such an impactful day in our community!  A day where everyone comes together to turn our community RED!  The support of our amazing customers to come out and support this event & come together is beyond amazing!  We are all better together!" – Angie Sunde, Director of Stores & Digital Strategy
“I love that our community comes together to give back for Giving Hearts Day! Thanks to our amazing team at Leela & Lavender and our customers, we can truly make a difference in our community! We truly are better together!” – Paige Holman, Brand Curator & Social Media Manager


Every year, we are continually blown away by all of your generosity and giving spirit. Leela and Lavender is built on the ideals of having passion for good and helping our communities. Giving Hearts Day is an event we look forward to every year because that is exactly what they do! We are SO THANKFUL to be surrounded by such a giving community in ALL locations! At Leela and Lavender, we believe that giving is ALWAYS in style!

To learn more about Giving Hearts Day or the organizations Leela and Lavender gave to, please visit:




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