Finding the Perfect Pair of Denim

When it comes to denim, we can confidently say it is one thing in everyone’s closet that will never go out of style. Although denim shopping may seem daunting to some (don’t worry, we promise you're not alone!) we have your ultimate guide for tips and tricks for finding the perfect pair for you. 
Finding quality denim often times links back to an individual's preferred quality of the garment.  Jeans should not only look good, but feel good! Get your hand on the fabric while shopping! (Shopping online? We got you! Take a look at the descriptions on product info for more information on products!)
Next, remember that ALL brands will fit differently! We see it time and time again where customers get hyper-focused on the sizing of denim. Don’t let this phase you! It often times comes down to brands, styles, and ultimately the textiles used in manufacturing the denim. For example, looking at a cute pair of vintage light wash denim that’s 99% cotton? You may want to size up! Cotton and vintage washes often times lead to more structure, less stretch. Ever have any questions on how our denim brands run? Shoot us a message or talk to our stylists in stores for a denim rundown!
Thirdly, have an open mind when exploring denim fits! Styles you may have never considered for yourself may quickly become your new favorite! Our helpful hint? A lot of the time, it’s in the shoe. We love pairing any and all denim with a classic heel to elevate all fits and styles of denim! (Check out our favorite, the Dolce Vita Paily.)
Still having trouble figuring out where to start? Find a denim muse! Pour yourself a glass of wine and scour Pinterest and Instagram for fits and looks you love! Finding a celebrity who has a similar body shape to you and whose style you love can be extremely helpful when figuring out where to start! As they say, imitation is the biggest form of flattery. 
Lastly, remember to be gracious with yourself. Hype yourself up, get excited, have a mini solo dance party in each pair your try to see how they move. Confidence is always key in finding something you love. Call us cheesy but we seriously think that wearing denim you feel confident and comfortable in automatically gets us feeling ready to take on the world. 
With a variety of fits and brands, we truly have something for everyone at Leela and Lavender when it comes to denim. With 15+ denim brands, here’s a brief over view of some of our favorites:

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