Brand Spotlight: Brenda Grands

This weeks brand spotlight features one of our newest jewelry brands that has been introduced into our Violet Rowe collection! Timeless, trendy, jewelry that is perfect for creating layered looks is what the brand Brenda Grands is all about! Read more about the brand below and shop our pieces now here.
About the Brand:
We have a feeling you are into jewelry... which means we'll get along just fine 

BG started with two sisters and a business idea in 2014. Brenda is passionate about design and creativity while Angie heads social media marketing and loves to expand our brand through our amazing wholesalers. BG Jewelry is made for women to feel beautiful, brave, strong, worthy & loved. That is our philosophy; to create unique designs that are equally gorgeous with a pair of jeans as they are with a little black dress and heels. 
Jewelry is our passion and we believe in creating jewelry that honors women. As an eccentric designer, Brenda always knew that she wanted the brand to be more than just an accent piece, but a constant reminder that you are worth more than gold. We pray that every BG piece brings light to the person who wears it. Each order is carefully packaged, including a bible verse to remind you of your identity. That is the heart and soul of our brand: to remind you of your worth. 
At BG we also value philanthropy, so we donate 10% of our profits to missions around the world, and that makes our brand diverse in its own way. All of our products are plated or filled in 18K to 24k gold, the highest quality material just for you. All handmade in Houston, TX. 
XX, Angie & Brenda

Our Jewelry is made with love, and requires a delicate handling. To make it last longer follow the next steps:

Do not expose Jewelry to water, moisturizers, make-up, perfume, and hairspray unless marked with a water resistant tag. Apply them before wearing your jewelry. 

Always remove your jewelry before exercise, swimming, bathing, doing household chores or using abrasive cleaners 

Store your jewelry separately in our boxes or pouches, and clean it regularly with a cloth. 

To avoid black markings either on your skin or the bangles or rings, be sure to clean your bangles regularly. These marks are due to trapped oil and dirt in the metal and can be easily cleaned. 

Please be aware that due to the unique nature of the medium and the handmade process of each product – colors, shapes, and bead sizes may vary slightly from the images shown and descriptions.

Product Care:

Please treat your jewelry gently. Some materials can be extremely fragile. Although every effort has been made to ensure the strongest materials and high quality were used, it is essential to treat your jewelry with special care.



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