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Hey all! It's Sara writing this week's blog! This week, we wanted to give you a little behind the scenes on what a typical day in the life might look like at Leela and Lavender. However, my day turned in to being anything but ordinary. Here's how it went down:
8am: Arrive to the Fargo store location. It's Wednesday so that means Angie and I do coffee time LIVE in the morning (our favorite part of the week)! We pulled product, created looks, and set up our "studio." Of course got coffee, too!
9am: LIVE! Angie and I talked all things new arrivals, white outfits for brides and footwear trends. During the live, it started blizzarding (again) in April... We vote: no thanks!
10am: Live is over and time to head to photoshoot! Maddy, our styling expert, has been working on creating a look book for a super fun shoot and we're so excited! We packed in the car (and I mean PACKED) and started heading to our shoot location. However, the weather started to get the best of us and soon enough we were stuck on a dirt road in a blizzard (again.. in APRIL!) 
Unfortunately we had to cancel shoot as we were all getting stuck and headed back to the office. We were so sad to have to reschedule! 
12pm: Back to the office to do some work! I am in charge of entering all freight that we receive in all our our six store locations as well as at our warehouse. I spent time taking care of all the NEW that arrived at L+L (and there's a lot of it)!
1pm: Our usually Jimmy John's delivery driver shows up (he's our favorite - we see him several times a week) and tells us that there's water nearly coming into our office! We get to work (trying?) to get the water taken care of. In the meantime, the blizzard has stopped and everything is melting so water is coming towards us. But don't worry! Angie got out there in her Dolce Vita Pailys and saved the office (yay Ang)!
2pm: Alright, have to buckle down! I finished entering freight for all stores, answering customer questions and inquiries, and checking in with all stores to make sure that online orders are done! 
3pm: I've been working on a huge top secret project for the last few days and was in the home stretch of finishing. I completed the project (and felt very accomplished by the way) and headed back to the Fargo store to see the girls there!
5pm: Finally I headed home, went to a cycling class, had dinner, and hunkered down to do some wedding planning for the rest of the night. And then to get ready to do it all tomorrow (hopefully a little less dramatic)!



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