A Day in the Life - Social Media Manager & Brand Curator

There’s never a dull day at Leela and Lavender.
This is something I’ve truly felt as the social media and styling manager! I often get asked what my job entails, and on this weeks blog, Im taking you with me on an average “day in my life” at work! My days typically last from 8am-5pm (however with social media, I’m never really off the clock!)
From overseeing the visual merchandising in all our stores to creating content, my days are filled with something new constantly!
The start (8 am) - On this particular day, we had a 9 am live scheduled (we call these coffee time lives and they stream every Wednesday on Facebook and Instagram!) Obviously this has to entail getting a coffee before my work day (because “coffee” time live, right?)
After arriving to the store (coffee in hand of course.) Im met with my Live co-host of the day Sara, who is our Web Manager and Inventory specialist. Sara is notoriously early so she is already pulling pieces to showcase in today’s live. We take about an hour for live preparation and set up, and the live itself lasts another hour typically!
After the live, my focus turns to todays photoshoot. We have shoots typically 4 out of the 5 days of the week! After going over the pieces needing to be photographed this specific day, I grab merchandise to style each piece to create a whole outfit/look to give our customers styling references while they shop online. This includes any accessories, shoes, or even mood boards I’ve put together for our models and photographer to reference.
After packing and prepping the product for shoot, I drive to our studio. Shoots and being on set has always easily been (one of) my favorite parts of my position here at Leela and Lavender. Shooting is when any and all creative ideas and visions are able to come to life! The lengths of the photoshoots vary from day to day, and can vary from one to several hours!
After shoot, I head back to the office where the new product gets passed off to our creative marketing manager, Bri. From there, Bri uploads all product onto our website and gives each product a description. The rest of my day is spent working on planning and creating content to repeat the process over again the next day!
On top of it all, Im responsible for running the Leela And Lavender social network pages. This includes our Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. I regularly schedule times throughout my week to designate specifically to these platforms, as well as times to create the content that is needed. (AKA - scheduling people to help me learn the latest TikTok dance or viral trend!)
I truly love my job and everything that it entails. Im so grateful to work with such an amazing team, this includes all the Leela And Lavender store management teams, Our photographer Hillary and all our models (all of whom make each and everyday on set exciting and help create a positive environment.) And of course the corporate office and warehouse team including Angie, Sara, Bri, and Soph. Although I love my job - it’s the people that I work with everyday that drives my passion for what I do.
(Social Media Manager & Brand Curator)

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