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I'm not even sure where to begin this post as every single day is different! The "responsibilities" may all be the same, but in the ever changing fashion + retail scene - we are CONSTANTLY pivoting to cater to the needs of the business, which means my priorities are different day to day! 
A typical day for me starts at 8 AM, and this day for instance, I started the day at the Fargo store pulling product to ship off to influencers. Part of my job is overseeing the influencer + Brand Ambassador programs. I pull all of the product, remove it from inventory, and then package it all up to ship off to them! Once I'm finished I go back to the office to fill it all into my handy spreadsheet + send off tracking numbers. (If you know me, you know I have a spreadsheet for EVERYTHING!)
Next up is getting things ready to launch online. After Maddy has gone to photoshoot, she brings all of the product back to the office + puts it on a rolling rack next to my desk. I write descriptions for all of the product, measure, + detail special notes about the items. Our amazing photographer then sends over proofs of that days shoot and I go through and pick all of the proofs (keeping in mind product shots, social images, marketing campaigns, etc - basically envisioning our marketing for the week and using that as a guideline). Once the photographer edits our photos, she sends them back and I'm able to launch online! 
While I'm waiting for the proofs to come back, I start working on some e-mail campaigns for the rest of the week. I tend to only do the next day (MAYBE two) days at time, as things are constantly changing. We may change a sale, add a collection drop, etc - so I don't want to plan out our emails TOO far in advance. I typically decide the "look" I want for the email. Trend, sale, collection launch? Once I have decided the outline of the email I start creating all of the graphics for it and deciding what product to feature + showcase. I love getting to use the creative side of my brain while putting together graphics! 
Other weekly items included in my "day to day":
-Marketing + Creative Meetings
-Helping in "lives" as needed
-Content creation meetings (tik toks, reels, try-ons, etc)
-Helping with content photoshoots
-Writing blog posts
-Recording podcasts
-Creating in store signage + marketing
-Creating marketing for magazines, inserts, etc.
-Assisting the buyers in researching sales trends for past + future buys
-CONSTANTLY researching trends + analyzing our data to help in making decisions in regards to business + marketing needs
It's a lot to fit into a day or even a week, but I love the fast paced nature and how not every day is the same! We have a small but mighty team that works hard day in and day out to help achieve the same goal + dream!
Bri (Creative Marketing Manager)

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  • Mary Kate Kramer

    Hi Bri,

    I enjoyed reading your Day In The Life of being a Creative Marketing Manager. I just discovered you guys online and I love the vibe of your clothes and store. It’s so beautiful!

    Say, I am a Marketing Graduate from Southeast Technical Institute here in Sioux Falls, SD and graduated in December of 2021.

    I am looking to grow my skills in Marketing/Social Media and I was wondering if Leela & Lavender would consider taking in a Marketing Intern sometime?

    I would love to learn more when it comes
    to Marketing from your team!

    I can see you do Marketing/Social Media very well and it would be an honor to learn from you.

    I know Leela & Lavender probably doesn’t normally do Internship programs but I thought I would ask.

    Thanks for sharing your Day In The Life.
    It’s inspiring to see!

    - Mary Kate

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