Happy October Leela and Lavender fans! We thought the only way to start this month off was to round up some of our favorite costume ideas for 2023! We have so many fun options that you can wear multiple times but would also be perfect for an easy costume idea! Without further ado.....

Leela + Lavender's Top 5 Halloween Costume Picks of 2023


We all know and love BARBIE! If you have not seen the movie we 10/10 recommend. This is such an easy idea and we have a couple different pink dresses in store and online now. 

Make it your own: add pink or bedazzled heels and fun jewlery

2. TAYLOR SWIFT (Reputation Era)

Leela and Lavender girls are proud Swifties! This ASTR dress would be the perfect look for a reputation era. You and your besties could all dress up as different eras! 

Make it your own: Add some red or maroon lipstick and heels or black boots and you are SET!


A classic costume that everyone will be sure to know! This one is so comfy but so chic and cute! Faux leather leggings are a must have for the fall and winter time! 

Make it your own: Add red heels, slick your hair, and of course red lipstick!


Grab your boots and a denim skirt! For a chillier evening throw a jean jacket on over a simple tank, body suit, or graphic tee!

Make it our own: Add some braids, a cowgirl hat, and bandana around your neck!


We have been LOVING flares lately! These Mystree Washed Corduroy would be the perfect option for any fall outfit as well as a hippie! You can also never go wrong with a graphic tee +++ we have so many fun ones in store and online NOW!


Be sure to checkout our website or shop in store to find these pieces and others! Happy Shopping + Happy OCTOBER!

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