Work From Home in Style - The Essentials

Work From Home in Style – The Essentials
While things may seem like they’re getting back to normal (especially for us in the Midwest), many of us are still spending our days on our couches with our computer in our lap. More and more people are discovering their work-from-home routines and a new style along with it! Whether you have daily zoom meetings, a makeshift office, or don’t even have to get out of bed (lucky you!) here are some styles to get you from the start to end of your busy day!
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Easy Pullovers
When your biggest task of the day is moving from your bed to the couch, a minimal style is absolutely essential! Choosing an easy pullover style is the perfect way to start your day. These sweaters are great to pair with leggings, jeans, or faux leather pants if you’re feeling chic! The best part of these is that it makes you look and feel like you put in some actual effort getting ready. And if your boss suddenly tells you about an impromptu Zoom meeting, you’re already ready! No need to panic and no need to change! Plus you get to be comfortable all day long!
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Matching Sets
How do you put absolutely zero effort into your outfit and still look fabulous? Try a matching set! A pair of joggers with a cozy sweater; what more could you ask for?! Whether you’re more of a pattern girl or Plain-Jane, you can get with this trend. These sets are great for around your house, popping out on your lunch break, or perfect for work travel! The best part? No one has to know you’re wearing sweats when you’re on Zoom! While these make a statement with the matching trend, they’re super easy to break up and wear on their own. The pullover with denim or leggings is so easy. And don’t be afraid to bring it into the summer with denim shorts! The joggers can be dressed up with a white tee and denim jacket – the most effortless look!
camo settie dye matching set
Cozy Cardigans
Day or night, cardigans are a fall essential, especially when working from home! A cardigan can elevate even the most basic look. Throw it on to take out the dog in the morning and keep yourself warm by your desk the rest of the day. The versatility of a cardigan is AWESOME! They pair great with basic tees, tanks, a graphic tee, or turtleneck towards the cooler season! Cardigans can also be worn for a more business casual look, making it super easy to get into work mode when wearing them. The cozier, the better!
barefoot dreams cardigan
stripe super soft cardigan
cozy soft cardigan
Working from home may just be our new normal for a while, so why settle for boring styles when you can really ramp up your wardrobe! These three trends are sure to aid you in understanding how to get through your day without wearing the same sweater and leggings over and over again. And eventually when we are going back out into our normal routines, we can still take these styles along with us. For now, get comfortable at your desk in the best Leela & Lavender styles!
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